100% Medical Grade

We ensure 100% medical-grade material, our sex dolls are totally safe and hygienic for human use.

Easy Returns

We have 30 days easy return policy for any kind of damage. You can either exchange or return.

Premium Quality

We manufacture & supply luxurious and premium quality dolls to provide a realistic experience.

Free Shipping

Silicone sexy dolls provide free shipping worldwide. so pay for your dream doll we pay the rest for you.


Our website silicone sexy dolls offers hundreds and thousands of option so we have categorized it into differents types sex dolls.We have the most unique collection of silicone sex dolls and these are the different categories.

Why Purchase From Silicone Sexy Dolls

Welcome to Silicone sexy dolls,the best place to get life-like sex dolls.With our sex dolls,you can have an ultra-realistic experience.We have huge unique collections of various categories of sex dolls for our customers who can fulfil almost any kind of fantasies they have.

Buy Now and Pay Later with Klarna

If you think you won’t be able to pay the amount at once.Then we also have the installment option for you brought to you by Klarna.You can make your payments in installments and you will not have to wait to complete your installments to get your hands on your doll.

Free E-book

On purchase of a sex doll,you get a free E-book “Sex Doll 101”.In that e-book,you get all the needed information about owning a sex doll.By that,you can know how to use different positions,how to maintain,and much more.

100%Original and Authentic

From silicone sexy dolls you get the most Authentic and Original product.Our products(sex dolls)  are 100%reliable,you always get the premium quality product and the proof is the realistic appearance and realistic touch due to the premium material.

Who Buys Silicone Sex Dolls?

The reason you should invest in a life size/life like doll can be completely unique to your personal&physical needs.However,we studied lots of enthusiasts based on the records of customers and lifesize sex doll user records on reputed doll portals.Based on that we are providing the top and most relevant reasons/facts of why people are buying adult dolls.


We like to support and cheer up couples to use dolls to improve their sexual lives and kill bedroom fatigue.If your sex life feels stuck and there’s a big gap due to a lack of new adventures?Then investing in a silicone sex doll is a safe bet and can help yourself&relationship in a number of ways.


Your sexual life can make a great difference to your self-confidence&self-esteem.For any reason,if you’re lacking confidence due to any physical disability,sex doll is perfect for you to gain your self-confidence.You can be sexually active with your sex doll and fulfill all your desires. 

Introverts/Lone Wolf

If you’re experiencing loneliness after the loss of your loved one or been through a breakup/separation recently?These life like silicone sex dolls are a perfect way to recover from this discomforting emotional state.Apart from being your all-time lovely sexual companion,these sex dolls are the perfect solution to get over your ex or to move on.


Lesbians,gays,bi-sexuals,and transgenders are known to show a huge interest in life like sex dolls.Finding a compatible sexual partner who can boost your confidence is difficult sometimes.With this real sex dolls,you can have an excellent experience of actual penetrative sex while avoiding all the complications of a real companion until you find a perfect one.


If you’re a photographer and these beautiful lifelike silicone sex dolls look facetious to you?Then you must know there are many professional photographers who enthusiasts buy dolls.Apart from fulfilling sexual desires,you can spend time dressing the doll and changing her looks for capturing stunning and astonishing photos.If you’re in the learning phase or practicing photography then collecting this lifelike silicone dolls can help you be a professional photographer and develop your camera skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the sex doll is flexible&can sex dolls change and hold positions?

Yes,it is possible.Thanks to the durable steel skeleton and the moveable joints the silicone sex dolls can hold different positions.You can enjoy almost all the positions in your life like an adult doll.Positions like missionary,cowgirl,reverse cowgirl,etc you can fulfill your fantasy with these beautiful love dolls.

What items are included in the package with the sex dolls?

Silicone sexy dolls give you a whole combo included in the package you get a cleaning device,a pair of gloves,a wig,and a fantasy dress for the doll.

Do these silicone sex dolls appear/look same as shown in the picture?

The pictures/photographs which are featured on our website are of real silicone sex dolls.Professional photoshoots are done with actual dolls and then the photographs are featured on our website.So you get the same silicone sex doll as shown in the picture.As an authorized seller,we have to upload the actual images of any product so you can see the quality&build of the product.


The adult dolls that are provided by silicone sexy dolls are hand-crafted and hand-picked from the experts.After detail R&D and going through various customer reviews we come up with all the gaps and maintain the quality of our silicone sex dolls.To experience you the realistic feel,touch,sensation like an actual sexual companion with its premium quality build and material.

For a more human and realistic experience,this sex doll industry has developed a lot and introduce some features for a better experience.The heating body is one of them you can have these features on the body parts like breast,vagina,&mouth so while penetration that heating effect makes it feel real/actual life.

Here,in silicone sexy dolls we provide discrete depth measurements for each and every doll in their product description.These dolls are designed to replicate the actual vagina to get you the same feel.The literal tightness and feeling of a real virgin vagina and mouth also have the feature of the tongue it’s an option or adds on to the sex doll.You can also penetrate the mouth and anus that also feels real.

As the name suggests Silicone sexy dolls almost all the adult love dolls are made from silicone or few dolls are made from TPE both materials are safe to use.It the same material used in the making of sex toys so it does not contain any kind of harmful/toxic,itchy,or chemical that is dangerous to human touch.At our manufacturing facilities,there are inspections&tests are done for material safety and quality.

It mostly depends on the material that is used in the breast and as the name suggests silicone sexy dolls our almost all the dolls are made from silicone and silicone breast feels very realistic.You feel like you are touching a real human breast.The silicone breast is not too soft and too hard.It’s perfect.

Both the options are great,both feel real and tight.It has the same durability but the difference is that the removable vagina is easy to clean.You can detach it from the body and clean it.There’s a tool to clean it,an electric tool that makes the cleaning job very easy.


It’s very easy&simple to clean these silicone sex dolls you can simply any water-based lubricants just be careful while cleaning you don’t scratch the doll cause that scratch won’t heal.Make sure you clean it after every use for hygiene purposes,mainly cleaning the genitals.

Silicone sex dolls do not require maintenance you just have to go through basic cleaning after every use.Generally,these adult dolls do not require maintenance due to their material and build quality.   

Yes,you can get electrical tools to clean the mouth,vagina,and anus for deep cleaning.After use,it is necessary to clean for you can safely use it for the second time if you want to avoid this deep cleaning you can also use male&female condoms.

Just simply store it vertically or you can hang it with the hook which is provided on her neck you can simply unscrew the head and hang it with the hook.If you’re storing it flat on the ground or on a hard surface there are chances that it may get a dent on the back so avoid that.

For longevity,we highly recommend storing it using thesex doll hanger hook or a sex doll storage case.