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Male sex dolls are popular are more demanded in the market right now. We provide the best collection of male sex dolls to satisfy your dark fantasies. Our male sex dolls are premium quality TPE and can surely turn you on. Whenever you come home from a hard working day a hot looking boy is waiting for you to give you amazing quality of intercourse. They have an amazing 8-inch size of the penis. This can be perfect for beautiful women who are finding a perfect male sex doll only for their satisfaction needs. We can provide you the best custom male sex doll. You can select the hair color, skin tone, penis size, public hair, and feet type. Once you have customized the male doll then you can place an order. You don’t have to worry, we ship all the dolls in unmarked boxes and in a discreet manner. These male dolls are designed to provide sexual pleasure to both women and as well as gay.

Jordan -175cm(5.7) Male sex doll_
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Jordan -175cm (5.7 Feet) | Male Sex Doll



What options are available in male sex dolls?

In male sex dolls, you have the option to select the custom hair color, Dick size, skin tone, eyeballs, height, and even you can choose from the muscular body and skinny. We have given you so many options you can select and make your own unique male sex doll. Every small minor detail is made by an artist and this detailing consumes more time.

Does the male sex doll come with a removable penis?

If you are ordering the male sex doll then there is an option of the removable penis and you can order a new one with a bigger or a smaller size dick. Or else you can buy fixed penis one and experience the ultimate level of pleasure.

Which material is used in the male sex dolls?

Male sex dolls are also made up of silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) which gives you an extreme level of pleasure. You can perform your dark fantasies with the male sex doll. They actually weigh as a natural human being you cannot move the sex doll easily.

Are built-in heating elements available in the sex dolls?

Yes, you can, While customizing the sex doll you can select the full-body heating option. Moreover, you can select the sound option in the customization of a doll’s product page.