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Learn How To Use A Sex Doll For The First Time

Learn how to use a sex doll?

If this is your first time ordering a sex doll, then you should read this article as you are waiting for your sex doll to arrive. We will talk about some basic information that you should be aware of while you are waiting for your order to arrive. Sex dolls are very much in demand these days. To make your fantasies come true you can customize your doll as you need it. Although there are things that you should know once you are done selecting your doll and ordering it. Once you have your hands on your doll. You should know a few things about unboxing and assembling your dolls and for this reason, we are here to help you understand a few details.

How To Carefully Unbox Your Package?

Follow the steps below and you will be able to unbox your doll without damaging it. It is not easy to handle. So, please follow the steps before doing anything you are not sure about.

Real Doll

Step 1 – When the doll arrives take it to a room where you have a lot of space because the doll might be as long as you or maybe shorter but definitely will take some space. Your sex doll will be heavy as well so carry it with ease and firmly.

Step 2 – Once you have placed the package in a room where you want to unbox then take a cutter and run it along the edges of the box so that you do not damage the doll inside. Once you cut the box along the edge firmly open the box without moving the content much.

Step 3 – Ensure that your hands are washed and not dirty. Remove the content of the box one by one. As your doll is brand new, you wouldn’t want any smudges or any kind of stain on your doll right away even before using it once. After you remove the body of the doll from the package, remove the foam with a scissor.

Step 4 – The head and the body are packed separately. Therefore now it is time for you to unpack the doll’s head. You attach and detach the doll’s head anytime you want. You do not have to carry the whole doll together. You can detach the doll hence making it easier to take along. Once you have carefully unpacked the head, you can now attach it with your doll’s body.

Step 5 – When you order a sex doll, you get many accessories along with it. You get free accessories and a few accessories might be paid for according to your needs and requirements. These accessories might be the doll cleaning kit, the wig, an extra head, etc. You should use these accessories when needed. Until then keep it safe and covered. This does not mean you will not open them and have a look first.

Step 6 – You are now ready to use your doll the way you want. After you are done attaching the head to the body, there is nothing left to do. You can check the accessories and check how and when they can help you. You can check the movement of the doll. It is not completely human-like so you need to be careful. Other instructions are given on our website so you can check them out.

Dressing Your Sex Doll

Clothes For Doll

There are two types of customers. One who only likes to use the doll for its functions and is not interested in dressing them. Another type of customer is the one who likes to fulfill their fantasies and wants to dress their doll in different clothes. Just to let you know that it is completely normal to dress your dolls in different dresses and have fun with them. Sometimes different looks can give different feelings.

Sex Doll Repair

Generally, a sex doll lasts very long and if you are able to clean and maintain your doll, it could have a very long life without any worries. We can not say the exact lifetime of any doll because it totally depends on your usage and intensity. Now in case, your doll breaks under some circumstances then we would help you to repair it. There are different parts of a doll and the cost will depend on which part is damaged. In the case of head, you can just purchase another head and your doll will be brand new again. In case of any such repair issues, you can call us and we will help you out.

Traveling With Your Doll

There are a few people that may take their doll when they travel and that is natural. In case you are going on a long weekend, you may need your doll. Therefore we would recommend you to detach it and pack the different parts of your doll separately in order to travel easily. This makes your doll portable enough to come with you when you travel. Another way to travel with your doll is just shipped it ahead of you. You will then find your doll already at the place you are planning to go.


This brings us to the conclusion of this article. We hope we were of your help. If this is your first time ordering, we would recommend you to read this blog in order to be on the safer side and not making any kind of mistake that could damage the doll.

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