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Elf sex dolls are dreams of people right but no we have the product exactly looks like women elf and vampire women. Moreover, you can have sex with these fantasy sex dolls. You will get an ultimate level of pleasure from this elf & vampire sex dolls. We have different varieties of fantasy sex dolls such as elf sex doll, vampire sex doll, cat sex dolls, etc. You can choose your desired sex doll and take her on a ride. Curvy booty, big breasts, tight little pussy,  pointed ears, or vampire-like teeth if this all turns you on then you will surely like our collection. You can actually select the option you want to customize in Elf and a vampire sex doll.

Aria 171cm (5.3 Feet) _ Latina Babe Sex Doll
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Aria – 171cm (5.3 Feet) | Vampire Series Sex Doll

Leena -171 cm(5.6) _ Busty elf sex doll
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Leena -171 cm (5.6 Feet) | Busty Elf Sex Doll

Lola -150cm(4.9) M cup _ Bondage sex doll
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Lola -150cm (4.9 Feet) M-Cup | Bondage Sex Doll



Can we remove the pointed ears in elf sex dolls?

You cannot remove the ear and it is permanently fixed into the body but you can buy another head if you want to experience a new intimacy level with a different sex doll.

Can you remove the vampire's teeth?

No, you cannot remove the teeth from the vampire sex doll the teeth are fixed in the head of the sex doll. If you think you want to change the partner then you can buy another head for the vampire sex doll.

Can I get the built-in heating installed in the elf/vampire sex doll?

Yes, You can get the body heating installed at the time of purchase. There are some extra charges built-in heating options. The temperature is set accordingly so it will not harm you or the doll.

Are the Ears and Vampire teeth made from toxic material?

No, the Ears and teeth are made from the same TPE and silicone and it is BPA-free material. You don’t have to worry about the material. We suggest you wash the doll before you use it for the first time.