Buyer's Protection Guarantee

We understand that buying a sex doll is a commitment and it is a high-value item, a long-term investment. This makes the decision even more crucial. For this reason, we back your decision to buy with silicone sexy dolls buyer protection guarantee.

This guarantee protects our customers to buy only the best from us. This gives a guarantee that the product you receive will be a high-quality product. If there is any mistake from our side or any kind of fault is identified in the product before it reaches you, then we will compensate for it.

Will I Get This Guarantee Anywhere Else?

We are a unique website where you will find this guarantee and protection. We have the vision to create a bond with our customers that are on the basis of trust. There is no law that states the company should give this kind of protection to their customers. Although we feel that buying a sex doll is a high-value product and a big commitment for every individual and therefore no one should feel that their money was wasted purchasing from our site.

How We are Able To Give This Guarantee And Others Are Not?

We are an authentic website with real sex dolls. Our silicone sex dolls are original and 100% medical-grade products. This means our product is not harmful to humans. We aim to keep on providing high-quality dolls to our customers.

It is our routine to inspect every sex doll we ship to our customers. Every element of a sex doll goes through an inspection process and only then it is shipped to our customers. We aim to keep the accuracy 100% and mistakes 0%.

At the time of customization, we give extra care to all the special requests our customers make to us. We have set really high standards and we do not want anything less for our customers. Our ultimate goal is to provide an unforgettable experience to our customers.

How Does The
Siliconesexydolls Guarantee Work?

1. Inspect your sex doll from head to toe, every element as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.

2. If any defect is found in your order. Take good quality photographs and/or videos that support your claim along with the details of the issue.

3. Report it to us within 48 hours. We will respond as soon as possible we’ll take it from there.

4. If you feel the need to replace your doll, do not use your doll. Keep your doll in a new and unused condition, with the box and all the packing materials. 

Note: We can not return anything that has been used (We conduct a test before accepting the return). In case you want to know more about our return policy, click here.

Price Match Guarantee

Silicone sexy dolls provide a fair competitive price match on all our sex dolls. If you see a cheaper price elsewhere, feel free to ask us. We will only price match with those websites that are verified sellers and if it meets all our terms and conditions for price match.

You must be aware of the online scams and all those who say they are verified sellers but do not have any proof to show it. Thus, for this reason, they are able to sell the product much cheaper in price, and then you may become a victim of fraud. Therefore when you see the price is too less then you must verify that site first and then buy your doll.

Siliconesexydolls is a verified seller and you will get 100% high-quality and original products. You can take a look at the certificates for verifying our website.